What We Do


We guide our clients to a healthier lifestyle and help them to reduce dependence on medications by providing them with a personal trainer who designs an individualized fitness program specific to their needs, online courses on how to make sustainable lifestyle changes, and the ongoing support of a client manager throughout the process.

We achieve this goal through partnerships with companies like inerTRAIN and work with experts in the field of diabetes and weight loss who provide content, guidance, and structure to establish and maintain healthy habits.

The inerHEALTH Foundation provides powerful tools for people suffering with this life-changing, but manageable, disease. We offer encouragement while empowering people and providing them with the resources they need to improve their health and well-being. 


1. Participants are screened by one of our client managers for eligibility to participate in our initial 90-day program, and together they define the client's fitness goals.

2. We provide each client with a personal trainer through inerTRAIN who will work with him/her to build a customized exercise plan and provide ongoing motivation and expert advice. The trainer will continue to follow up with the client after each session to continually personalize and enhance the fitness regimen based on each individual's progress.

3. With the support and guidance of one of our client managers, each client will also participate in other online courses and seminars focused on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and utilize other resources to support their success.

4. Our client managers check in with our clients regularly throughout the first 3 months to provide them with the support they need, measure their progress throughout the program, and ensure they are staying on track with their goals.

5. Participants who complete the initial 90-day program are eligible to continue working with their personal trainer and move into the next phase of the program.

Our Partners:

Clinical Partners: Our clinical partners work with us to identify clients who will benefit most from inerHEALTH’s services. Additionally, they monitor patients’ results and modify their treatment plan as they progress through our programs. 

Programming Partners:

inerTRAIN provides our clients with an expert personal trainer online so they can work out whenever, wherever with a customized fitness program.

Thrive Market:
Thrive Market provides our clients with nutritionally balanced grocery packages delivered to our clients by mail. In addition, they offer free memberships and vouchers to purchase natural and organic foods at 25%-50% below retail value.

The Meditation Mind:
The Meditation Mind supports our clients through a virtual meditation service, offering a curated meditation program.