Program Meditations



Here you can download the meditations you will use throughout the 90-Day Launch Program: Introduction to a Healthier Lifestyle.

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Listen with headphones for all of these meditations. The binaural beat technology only works if both ears are exposed to the tones. You can sit or lay down in any posture that is comfortable. Move, scratch, and adjust your body position as needed.

The Work Focus meditation is meant to be listened to WHILE you work on something. It enhances focus. We recommend listening to this while doing something on which you have been procrastinating.

All the other meditations require eyes closed for maximum effect.

Meditation Descriptions & Downloads:


Goal: Zone out for 10 minutes and feel the experience of a meditative state without having to think too hard

Description: Feel a meditative state with binaural beats without having to wonder if you are doing it right. The tones you will hear act as training wheels for your mind, to help guide you into feeling slightly more meditative. Your natural relaxation response will do the rest.

Usage notes: Put on headphones, close your eyes, and sit in any position. Fidget and adjust if necessary. Relax, breathe normal, and focus on the tones you hear. There are no verbal cues, so just chill out and enjoy the process you feel come over you.

When to do this meditation: Anytime

Length: 10 minutes



Goal: Get something done

Description: Get things done faster with better focus. This meditation is especially effective with things you are procrastinating about.

Usage notes: Put on a pair of headphones and keep your eyes open. Sit in front of the computer or a work project, ideally one you have been putting off and don't like. Work on it while you are listening to this.

When to do this meditation: During the workday

Length: 30 minutes



Goal: Deep relaxation and meditation

Description: Experience the power of combining binaural beat meditation with guided relaxation to get deep stress relief. The more relaxed you are, the easier it might be to lose weight.

Usage notes: Put on headphones, close eyes, sit in any position, fidget and adjust if necessary, relax, breathe normal, listen to the words and relax each body part as instructed. Then the voice guidance will stop and you relax for around 15 mins.

When to do this meditation: When you wake up or before bed

Length: 20 minutes



Goal: Start your day focused and positive

Description: Focus on your goals and your desired results while getting in a positive frame of mind to start your day.

Usage notes: Put on headphones, close your eyes, and sit in any position. Fidget and adjust if necessary. Relax, breathe normally, and listen to the words while you follow along. If you are not sure of what you want to picture in your mind after a verbal prompt, focus on how you want to feel about the topic suggested.

When to do this meditation: Morning

Length: 20 minutes