Why we're here: our founders' stories

The inerHEALTH Foundation was founded to help low-income people with type 2 diabetes lead a healthier life through exercise and nutrition. But behind the mission, our two founders each have a story of why they started the Foundation and why it is important to them.


Andy_on_bike(2).JPGWhy the inerHEALTH Foundation? This was simple for me...it’s personal. I come from a family with a long history of diabetes, where nearly half of the adults have diabetes or have some sort of complication from the disease. My grandfather recently lost his leg due to complications from diabetes. My mother, my father, and this list goes on and on of people I care about who have or are currently dealing with this disease.

This battle with diabetes is very close to my heart. I come from the very type of family inerHEALTH was created to help: parents who worked all the time and didn’t really have time to cook, let alone try and cook healthy foods. I was raised not eating the best of foods, more so what my parents could afford, with 4 kids and 2 working parents, the most important thing at the time was affordable, easy, and fast.

Not until I was older that I realized what I was eating and drinking had a very real impact on my body and my health, mentally and physically. When I moved from a small town into big city life to attend college, I made new friends, and that was really the first time I learned my way around a gym. Physical fitness, exercise, and healthy eating are now an important part of my everyday life.

This is where the inerHEALTH Foundation comes in: every person who wants to make a change to their health or lifestyle should not be held back for lack of resources. I want to help, I want to teach, I want to inspire, but more than anything, I want to make a difference.  Knowing what to eat, how to work out, how to grocery shop on a budget, etc….in the overall scheme of life, the knowledge and tools our clients walk away with are priceless. Knowledge is power and that’s what the inerHEALTH Foundation represents for me.


Jeff-beach-pullup.jpgWhen I was 25, I went for my annual physical and was told I had high blood pressure and cholesterol (which could lead to further health issues if not addressed). My doctor said I needed to change my health and fitness habits or I would be put on medication. That’s the LAST thing that anyone wants to hear at such a young age.

For me, eating healthier was a relatively easy change...and I started going to the gym and jogging on the treadmill every once in a while. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting substantial results until I hired my first personal trainer. I was shocked how quickly I saw significant progress. I’ve tried and failed at many other fitness programs before, and having an expert working with me 1-on-1 was the best way for me to achieve my goals.

I founded inerTRAIN as a way to make personal fitness training more accessible to more people. I am passionate about this business because it is providing opportunities to improve the lives and health of a bigger segment of the population by expanding access to a service that was really only available to wealthier people.

One day recently, one of my advisors and I were talking about who inerTRAIN could benefit and how we could reach more people. This conversation led to the start of the inerHEALTH Foundation to be able to work with individuals who need access to the kind of service we provide more than most.

When I started inerTRAIN, I wanted to change the world. The inerHEALTH Foundation provided an opportunity to begin to address one of the biggest public health issues we face as a society today.

Our search to find people who could benefit from exercise and a healthier lifestyle led us to diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity, with over 60% of the population falling into one of these categories. And…through the network of fitness experts we have assembled, we have the ability to begin to impact one of the largest health crises we have ever experienced.

I am here because I want us to do our part and help a group of people who are disproportionately affected by a treatable and manageable disease because they do not have access to resources like personal trainers, good information on nutrition, and the guidance they need to incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lives.

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